2016 Cowboy & Indian

2014 Karin Clerq

2013 Le Dragon Noir

2012 Le Dragon Noir

2012 Benjamin Schoo's & Laetitia Sadier

2012 Mademoiselle Nineteen

2012 Deep Purple

2012 Michel Moers

2012 Michel Moers (ex Telex)

2012 Cowboy & Indian

2011 Deadride Phantôm

2011 Conducteur fantôme (feat Michel Moers)

2011 Kim Lone

2011 Deadride Phantôm

2010 Jacques Duvall and Coralie Clements

2010 Louis Prima vs Benny Goodman

2007 Kula Shaker
Film soundtrack 'Fashionista'.

Freaksville - TBR

Freaksville / Afreaksville - Nov 27th

Freaksville / Afreaksville

Freaksville / Studio 69

Freaksville / Studio 69

Studio 69



Film soundtrack 'The ABC's of Death'. Buy on Juno

Freaksville En Route Compilation

Freaksville En Route Compilation

Freaksville En Route Compilation

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Strange F.O.L.K
Bright Lights, Big City (Enter and Find Your Pleasure)


Kinshasa Mantra Album produced by Cowboy & Indian

Kinshasa Mantra Single

Je Ne Vois Que Vous (Cowboy & Indian Remix)

Je Danse Dans Le Noir (Cowboy & Indian Remix)

This Time Around Remix

Wires & Chips (Cowboy & Indian Remix)

Wires & Chips
Touch Me
The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)

Love and Do What Thou Wilt

Deadride Phantôm (The Phantôm goes to the Opera Remix)


All The Men In My Life Remix

Phantôm is Alive

Comme Par Désenchantement (Dead Lovers Remix)

Sing Sing Sing Remix

Song Of Love / Narayana (Hands In The Hair Remix)
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En Route
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Kula Shaker
Song Of Love / Narayana

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Kinshasa Mantra
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